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Yoga & Meditation in Uttarakhand

Learning to meditate in yoga involves more than sitting still for a few moments each day.

Classes at spiritual power spots

Enjoy yoga and meditation classes on the banks of Ganga or at unique power spots such as Kunjapuri Devi Temple – at sunrise or sunset.

Groups with a minimum of 4 participants.

For further information, please contact us +91 9557417765

Yoga & Meditation Program I -


  • Classes at Kunjapuri Devi temple: 1,5 hours (Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation)
  • When: every Sunday morning
  • Departure point: Rishikesh, early morning before sunrise
  • What to bring: Your own yoga mat and meditation pillow
  • The programme includes: Drive to Kunjapuri Temple + 1,5 hours Yoga & Meditation + Drive back to Rishikesh
  • Optional: 2-3 hours trekking tour back to Rishikesh (additional charges apply)

For bookings - Please call Mr Sohan Kumar on +91-9557417765 Book Now

Kunjapuri Temple Pictures : 

Kunjapuri Temple Yoga Video : 

Yoga & Meditation Program II -


  • Classes: 1,5 hours (Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation)
  • What to bring: Your own yoga mat and meditation pillow

Ganga : 

The river Ganges is considered sacred and is personified as a goddess known as Ganga. It is worshipped by Hindus who believe that bathing in the river brings good fortune, washes away sins (actions that create negative karma by violating moral and ethical codes, which brings negative consequences) and facilitates Moksha (liberation from the cycle of life and death). Several holy places lie along the banks of the Ganges, including Gangotri, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Allahabad, and Varanasi. According to the Hindu scriptures like Skanda Purana, the goddess Ganga is foster-mother to Karttikeya (Subrahmanya, Murugan), who was actually a son of Shiva and Parvati (as was Ganesha). You might check also the legend of Ganga’s descent to earth, where Bhagiratha is praying to Brahma that Ganga comes down to Earth.

For bookings - Please call Mr. Sohan Kumar on +91-9557417765 Book Now

Ganga Pictures : 

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